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Wal-Mart's Getting Ready for Christmas Shoppers is reporting that Wal-Mart is moving 35,000 part-time workers to full-time status. The article reminds the reader that Wal-Mart classifies a worker as full-time when he/she consistently works 34 hours a week or more. 35,000 other workers are to be moved from temporary to part-time status. The article indicates that these moves are in response to stocking difficulties the company has been experiencing in its stores. It is your blogger's guess that these 70,000 workers have been working the hours necessary for the new classifications for some time and this announcement doesn't really change how much any of the affected workers are working. The newly-classified full-time workers will be eligible for health benefits.

What could have an impact on employment figures in some areas where the company has stores, is the other part of the story. Wal-Mart expects to hire 55,000 seasonal workers for the holiday season. This is up from the seasonal workers for the 2012 holiday season. The article states that the 70,000 workers who will have their classification elevated will retain their classifications following the holiday season.

With Halloween candy out at Labor Day and new workers in the stores keeping the shelves full for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, will Wal-Mart be able to draw higher sales? Will the extra labor make the wait time to check out any shorter? Time will tell.


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